Trothe Brand Launch

The Andrews Family has been farming land in the Horse Heaven Hills for over four generations. They are unwavering in their commitment to farming with the highest standards and producing benchmark wines for Washington State.

When I first spoke with Jeff Andrews in 2020 it was through a phone call engineered by our friends at DoubleKnot Creative. The Andrews family was ready to launch a label that had been years in the making – a label that represents the knowledge acquired only through years of working the land, the exotic and diverse nature of the Horse Heaven Hills and the truth that comes with respect for the industry and pride in our region. This is a very small production and one that will be available only through allocations to their Members.

Launching a wine label in the midst of Covid-19 lockdowns is a new adventure. This requires building loyalty and interest through engaging social media, interesting webinars and virtual tastings and one-to-one collector outreach. We have to tell this story before anyone will have a chance to taste the wine. But all great wines are born in the vineyard, and with four generations of farming behind us, this story is off to an amazing start.

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Sherri has a keen understanding of the Washington wine market which reaches beyond the numbers. She knows how to bring the right consumer to the brand and does it in a personal way.

Steve Burns, Partner, O’Donnell-Lane LLC